Duster jackets are in trend among the enthusiastic fashionistas who prefer layering their costumes. Duster jackets are mainly jackets with some modifications in simple jackets worn in winter. Not only among the celebrities of Bollywood and Hollywood but these jackets are in trend among working class also. Earlier these jackets were made from heavy material and wool so they were bound to be worn during winter but nowadays these jackets are made from light weight material which can be worn during various seasons. you can even make a duster jacket at home.


  • This is a long jacket which can be paired with jeans, shorts, maxi dress, short dress, or a gown
  • It can be paired with an Indian or a western outfit. sometimes it gives a cowboy look.
  • It can be paired with a regular outfit or a party wear. imagesGCUNCYC2
  • various types of duster jackets are available like straight cut, frills, layered etc.
  • You can give a formal look to your casual outfits with duster jackets like youcan pair your jeans and t-shirt and layer it with a maxi duster jacket or a duster bomber jacket to give a semi-formal look.
  • Yyou can layer a short dress in which you feel uncomfortable with these lightweight duster jackets. Moreover you can also style these shorts dresses with duster jean jacket
  • You can always hide that extra belly fat with jackets.d6
  • A plain dress with printed jacket or a printed dress with plain jacket can amp-up your look. 
  • Brocade, silk or fabric jackets can give a festive look.
  • In functions like musical night or reception the bride can layer her outfit with these jackets.
  • In winters you can wear woollen or leather jackets to style up your look.
  • places which experience lesser cold, people there can wear chiffon, georgette, satin or  silk jackets. They make you look smarter.D8
  • You can even layer your saree with a duster jacket which will give you a different look and also save you from the cold.d4
  • One thing you should keep in mind while buying duster jackets is that the jacket should not make you look bulky and you should be able to flatter your curves. you can find some duster jackets on myntra –
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