Tips for clothing in winter for indian men

So, finally “winter is here”… The most preferred thing in any season is to keep up your dressing style with changing weather and plus to choose a style which suits your passion and profession. Here, we came with the tremendous amount of suggestions on WINTER CLOTHING TIPS and specifically for INDIAN MEN.



Give priority to sober elegant colours like black, brown, grey, navy blue and olive green. This is because good winter clothing is slightly expensive so we have got to save money and also we wanna have versatile options.



The biggest style mistakes Indian men make is that they either go for overly bulky clothes or they go for clothes that do not fir perfectly. Bulky jackets are meant for bitter cold weather which is not usually experienced in India. Moreover bulky jackets make you look shorter, fatter and not that stylish unless you are in a cold country and you have the physic to pull it off. So try going for a thinner jacket and if they are serving the purpose of keeping you warm then try layering your clothes. So ideally try buying a jacket that exactly ends at your wrist. If it end beyond the wrist or too high above your wrist that means its a wrong size for you.



As winter clothing is slightly expensive so you should not buy too many jackets. Instead, buy a very smart black jacket. This is because the black jacket is the most versatile piece of clothing. You can pair it up with colored t-shirts, plain t-shirts and you can even pair it up with shirts. black jackets can be leather jackets, biker jackets or normal synthetic jackets. Buy one which suits you and most of all which comforts you.



It is said that cottons are for summers and denims are for winters. Buy yourself a blue and a black pair of jeans. These two denims go well with any winter outfits. You can pair them with hoodies, jackets, t-shirts and just anything you want. These denims might not go for formal occasions so you can go with chinos, formal pants or woolen pants. If these formal pants are not keeping you warm you can wear thermals inside these pants.



Jackets in general are slightly formal or semi formal so you got to match your footwear to your winter clothing. Brown leather boots will go with any of your winter outfits. If you are going for a formal occasion you can wear black leather shoes at you can even wear brogues. If your someone who is fond of casual shoes, unfortunately, they go well with few jackets or casual hoodies. You can have white sneakers for that casual look.



For the few coming year bomber jackets would be extremely in style. These jackets are similar to the jackets worn by U.S fighter pilots. They usually have a trim around the neck, base, and wrists. They come in limited colors. You can go with the sober colors as explained in point number 1.  Don’t wear a jacket with too many patterns and too many designs. But a little bit of pattern can amp-up your personality.

7. layering :


A white and black t-shirt whether a round or V-neck is a must have in your closet. You will be able to wear to wear them in summer as well. The rule you must follow while layering is you can go with only black and white no other color beyond these. Maybe grey is ok but not navy blue. You can pair it with hoodies, jackets and above all, you can pair it with a shirt for that classic elegant formal winter look.



You can layer a shirt with a black or white t-shirt inside. If you are entering someone’s house first ask if you can take off your jacket and keep it somewhere. If they don’t have a stand and you are sitting at a dinner, place your jacket on the chair and then sit. Also, keep in mind if you are wearing a jacket over a shirt the jacket should be a formal one probably a black formal jacket would be good. You need to tuck your shirt in the pant if you are wearing a shirt with the jacket.



Keep your sweaters in simple colours, minimum pattern and keep only one base colour and may be one another secondary colour but not multiple colours. Fold your sweaters and do not hang. Dry clean it at the beginning and end of the season. Store with mothballs. Give it a room to breathe. Do not keep them in damp places. If it get stained only dab it with little bit of water and little bit of club soda to remove stains.


Hoodies make you look much more boyish. They are meant for teenagers. You can layer your hoodie with a t-shirt to make it a bit more stylish and even layer your hoodie with a jacket if you are in extremely cold weather. Combination of these two will make you look much more matured but go with sober colours. Try buying a hoodie which can open up i.e having a chain.




Accessories are meant for extremely cold weathers. But if you are fond of accessories keep these things in mind. Don’t wear monkey cap because you are not an uncle neither you are a child. Go for skull caps. They are much more elegant in sober colours. Scarfs can elevate your outfit can add a lot of personalities but they do make you look shorter. They make your neck look thicker. So don’t buy a scarf if you are short.



Go for brown. The color brown and any shade of it is a complete thumbs-up for any occasion. If you pay attention to these little things like brown belt brown watch brown shoes it will increase the warmth of your outfit and that contrasts well with the mood of winter. If you don’t have a brown watch or belt you can wear a black watch and belt but try matching with the colour of your shoes and belt.





Duster jackets are in trend among the enthusiastic fashionistas who prefer layering their costumes. Duster jackets are mainly jackets with some modifications in simple jackets worn in winter. Not only among the celebrities of Bollywood and Hollywood but these jackets are in trend among working class also. Earlier these jackets were made from heavy material and wool so they were bound to be worn during winter but nowadays these jackets are made from light weight material which can be worn during various seasons. you can even make a duster jacket at home.


  • This is a long jacket which can be paired with jeans, shorts, maxi dress, short dress, or a gown
  • It can be paired with an Indian or a western outfit. sometimes it gives a cowboy look.
  • It can be paired with a regular outfit or a party wear. imagesGCUNCYC2
  • various types of duster jackets are available like straight cut, frills, layered etc.
  • You can give a formal look to your casual outfits with duster jackets like youcan pair your jeans and t-shirt and layer it with a maxi duster jacket or a duster bomber jacket to give a semi-formal look.
  • Yyou can layer a short dress in which you feel uncomfortable with these lightweight duster jackets. Moreover you can also style these shorts dresses with duster jean jacket
  • You can always hide that extra belly fat with jackets.d6
  • A plain dress with printed jacket or a printed dress with plain jacket can amp-up your look. 
  • Brocade, silk or fabric jackets can give a festive look.
  • In functions like musical night or reception the bride can layer her outfit with these jackets.
  • In winters you can wear woollen or leather jackets to style up your look.
  • places which experience lesser cold, people there can wear chiffon, georgette, satin or  silk jackets. They make you look smarter.D8
  • You can even layer your saree with a duster jacket which will give you a different look and also save you from the cold.d4
  • One thing you should keep in mind while buying duster jackets is that the jacket should not make you look bulky and you should be able to flatter your curves. you can find some duster jackets on myntra –
    amazon –
    boohoo –



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